David Tennant Reveals His Most Memorable Doctor Who Line

Doctor Who David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor’s last words make up one of the most iconic lines in Doctor Who history. If you want to reduce a Whovian to tears – which would be pretty cruel, you heartless Dalek – just say “I don’t want to go.” The tenth Time Lord’s heartbreaking farewell came in his last story, 2009/10’s “The End of Time.” And now that that story’s getting a theatrical release, David Tennant has reflected on the power of his final line.

As announced last month, Fathom Events and BBC Studios have teamed up to bring “The End of Time” to cinemas in a week’s time. The screening, which will combine the two episodes together to create a feature-length experience, will also include an exclusive interview with Tennant in which he discusses his time in the TARDIS.

Den of Geek has now released a short clip from this interview, featuring the actor being asked for his most memorable line. Naturally, he goes for Ten’s last words.

“The obvious one is ‘I don’t want to go’, because it’s your final line and it’s something you’ve been working on for years. And you also want it to have importance, you also don’t want it overladen. If it’s the last thing you’re going to say in character, you want it to be right.”

Fans may know that the production team and Tennant took great care to make sure this line was nailed. Several takes were shot, with the actor modifying his emotional reaction each time – beginning with a very stoic delivery and ending with the Doctor completely broken. The one they ended up using was from somewhere in the middle, with the hero close to tears but just about holding it together.

The Doctor Who “The End of Time” screening is set for 7PM local time on Wednesday, August 7th. Visit Fathom Events’ website to book your tickets now. Or else follow the link below to watch the clip of Tennant’s interview over at DoG.