David Thewlis Joins FX’s Fargo Season 3


As per usual, things are shaping up quite nicely for FX’s newest season of Fargo. Ewan McGregor (in a dual role), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Carrie Coon (HBO’s The Leftovers), Scoot McNairy and Jim Gaffigan are all set to make the trip to North Dakota, and now, it looks like Harry Potter standout David Thewlis will trek alongside them in another round of small-town crimes and murder.

Thewlis will play V.M. Vargus, a series regular, who’s described as “a mysterious loner and true capitalist who delivers Emmit (McGregor), the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, the bad news that he has just become partners with his employers, whose business interest lays outside the law.”

Fargo season 3 will take place in 2010, which is a few years after the events after season 1’s 2006 setting and a few decades after season 2’s ’70s backdrop. The focus will be placed on McGregor’s Ray Stussy in addition to Emmit, a set of brothers that are more distinct than not.

Emmit is a handsome, self-made real estate mogul and family man who sees himself as an American success story. Ray, on the other hand, is a cautionary tale. He’s a balding, pot-bellied parole officer, a man who peaked in high school and continues to follow from his former grace. Expect violence and betrayal to befall from there, which will spark the interest of Coon’s chief of the Eden Valley Police.

As this is the first season to take place in the ongoing decade, Fargo season 3 will, at least in part, focus on our technology boom and how these quirky traditionalist characters adapt to that world of incessant narcism. It’s scheduled to premiere in spring 2017, after creator/showrunner Noah Hawley’s latest series, Legion, debuts in February.