DC All Access Debuts Justice League Action Clip, Examines Harley Quinn #15


Although the web series DC All Access often provides great content five days out of the week, it could be argued that episodes released on Tuesdays are the ones you especially need to take notice of because they offer so much information spanning the publisher’s endeavors across all forms of media. Case in point, this week’s offering that debuts a new clip from Justice League Action among other things.

First, let’s talk about a few items arriving in comic shops this week because, well, that ‘s what they opened the show with. In addition to touching on the latest issue of Green Arrow that sees the return of Roy Harper and the maiden voyage of Vertigo’s new series Savage Things, key artwork is shown from Harley Quinn #15, which continues the “Red Meat” “Nether Regions” story arc. In short, expect Harley’s solo adventures to continue having a science fiction twist to them for the time being.

Now, as for Justice League Action, we’re treated to a scene from this week’s episode that sees Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman forced to do battle with some killer toys that are probably doing the bidding of Toyman. Beyond that, producer Jim Krieg lets us know how this iteration of DC’s premier superhero team differs from past iterations as well as discussing breakout characters such as Firestorm, Plastic Man and Booster Gold.

It should also be noted that a brief glimpse at the Injustice 2 mobile game was given, which we not only expect to receive countless downloads, but also serve as a tremendous complement to the upcoming console game and tie-in comics.

Justice League Action airs on Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network.