DC All Access Looks Into Arrow’s Future, Examines Dark Nights: Metal


Whether it be news concerning comics, television, animation or video games, it’s safe to say that DC All Access sure did pack a lot into today’s episode. And although you can check out all that awesomeness in the video embedded at the top, there are two aspects we mainly want to discuss right now, that of Arrow and Dark Nights: Metal.

I suppose it’s best to talk about Dark Nights: Metal first since it pretty much opened the video. Just yesterday, we brought you what’s known to this point regarding DC’s next major crossover event set to kick off in July. If you’re paying attention, some of what Scott Snyder said was transcribed for press releases, but it’s nice to hear more from the man himself since not all of us had the good fortune to attend Fan Expo Dallas.

What was especially cool was seeing Greg Capullo chime in to tell how his artistic flourishes make Snyder go bananas, cementing the fact that this is one of the most well-oiled teams in all of comics. Okay, many say stuff like that about their collaborators, but knowing the ground they broke during their Batman days give us the utmost confidence that this event book will be something to write home about.

When it comes to Arrow, the cast and crew tease the emotional journey that Oliver Queen will have to endure during season 5’s remaining episodes. Saying that Prometheus has put him through hell as of late is an understatement, so it’ll be intriguing to see the Green Arrow that comes out the other end of this.

Beyond that, a little of Felicity’s situation with Helix is hinted at, but we unfortunately hear nothing of Katie Cassidy’s impending return as a series regular. Then again, that may not have been made public at the time of the recording.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, April 26 on The CW.