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DC almost made ‘Peacemaker’ cut a reference to Batman

James Gunn reveals that DC were on the fence about potentially asking him to remove a crude reference to Batman.

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The very first scene of James Gunn and John Cena’s Peacemaker made it perfectly clear that Christopher Smith isn’t one to mince his words in regards to his fellow superheroes, with the cry of “f*ck Aquaman” coming within the first few minutes of the opening episode.

That’s going to be the tip of a very profane iceberg, though, after Gunn revealed to TV Line that he almost incurred the wrath of DC for a Batman reference we’ll hear in an upcoming installment. The company appears to be more protective of the Dark Knight than any other character, as evidenced by the Great Oral Sex Debate of 2021.

However, the filmmaker confirmed that Peacemaker has an altogether different way of referring to the Caped Crusader, and it’s one he still can’t believe he was allowed to use in the show.

“I was very surprised, because they were not too fond of Peacemaker calling Batman a p*ssy. I’m like, ‘But he talks about all these other terrible things about all these other superheroes that are much worse than calling Batman a p*ssy.’ Not only that, Batman is the only one he makes a fair point about; everybody else he’s really just believing stuff that he read on the Internet.

Everything that he believes is kind of nonsense, and Batman is the only one [he] has a point of view on that makes any sense whatsoever. They let me get away with what I got away with at the end of the day. I don’t know. You’d have to ask them. I don’t know why him calling Batman a p*ssy is potentially more offensive than him saying Superman [has a poop fetish]. I don’t understand why one was brought up and one wasn’t.”

In short, we can guarantee that throughout Peacemaker‘s eight-episode run, the titular antihero will say “f*ck Aquaman” at least once, a previous TV spot had him regale a class full of schoolchildren about the time he was “eye-effed” by Wonder Woman, while he’s additionally going to call Batman a p*ssy, and imply that Superman has a poop fetish. That certainly sounds like a James Gunn project to us.

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