#WhatIf: Harley Quinn Show Hilariously Trolls DC Over Batman Oral Sex Debate

Harley Quinn

Unlike the Dark Knight himself, the great Batman oral sex debate is set to go down in the history books as one of the year’s most bizarre ongoing sagas. It was months ago that it was revealed DC blocked the Caped Crusader from indulging in certain proclivities with Catwoman in an episode of the animated Harley Quinn series, because “heroes don’t do that.”

Of course, we’re talking about an R-rated, violent and very foul-mouthed show that features plenty of things Kaley Cuoco can’t believe they get away with, and she voices the title heroine. It generated plenty of discussion online, with cunning linguists and master debaters alike weighing in with their own two cents—including former Batman Val Kilmer, director Zack Snyder, and Kevin Smith. If anyone knows what makes Bruce Wayne tick, it’s these guys.

Capitalizing on yesterday’s premiere of Marvel’s What If…? on Disney Plus, Harley Quinn decided to have a little fun at Disney’s expense on social media, complete with the #WhatIf hashtag and a cat emoji. See more below.

Just when you thought this particular conversation was over, along comes a reminder that some things just don’t want to disappear from the public eye. Snyder even offered a handy image confirming that it’s happened in canon before, while Smith’s response was a lot lengthier but reiterated a similar point: That Batman’s desire to hone all of his skills would have no doubt included plenty of training in the ways of being a gentle, caring, and compassionate lover.

The smart money is that DC’s stance will probably come back and bite them in the ass when Harley Quinn returns for Season 3, with more than a few jokes likely being tossed around the writers room in the aftermath.