Harley Quinn Star Says She Can’t Believe What The Show Gets Away With

Harley Quinn

Season 3 doesn’t have an official premiere date as of yet, but R-rated animation Harley Quinn is set to find a bigger audience than ever before as the series migrates from DC Universe to HBO Max, the new home for any and all titles based on the comic book company’s vast library of heroes and villains.

The show was all over the headlines back in June during the great Batman oral sex debate of 2021, which stirred up plenty of conversation and led to cunning linguists like Zack Snyder and Kevin Smith weighing in with their opinions. Heroes might not do that, as the Warner Bros. boardroom would say, but that doesn’t detract from the fact Harley Quinn is still a raunchy, violent and foul-mouthed slice of deliriously entertaining television.

In fact, star Kaley Cuoco admitted in a recent interview that she can’t believe some of the things Harley Quinn manages to get away with during its wild and crazy animated adventures, even though having Batman go down on Catwoman was clearly deemed a step too far by the studio top brass for whatever reason.

“I can’t believe we’re still getting away with it. I kept thinking they were going to be like, ‘You can’t say these things’. It has been a total ride. People are obsessed with the show. I love playing her. I don’t know how it happened. But it’s been insane. And it’s Harley Quinn on acid while drinking a Starbucks. That’s kind of how I describe her.”

Harley Quinn

Rotten Tomatoes scores of 88% and 100% for the first and second seasons respectively would indicate that the creative team are doing something right, and fans would definitely agree looking at how they’ve taken the show to their hearts. Harley Quinn is quietly on its way to perhaps becoming one of the best animated DC projects ever, which is no mean feat when you consider the high quality feature length and episodic content Warner Bros. Animation have been putting out there on a regular basis in the three decades since Batman: The Animated Series.