Kevin Smith Weighs In On The Batman Oral Sex Debate

Justice League Batman

Somehow, the debate about DC blocking HBO Max’s animated Harley Quinn show from featuring a scene where Batman goes down on Catwoman is still generating discussion, with a random assortment of folks with all sorts of ties to the Caped Crusader mythos throwing in their own two cents.

Val Kilmer piggybacked the 26th anniversary of his sole outing under the cape and cowl in Batman Forever to offer his say on the matter, while Harley Quinn producer Justin Halpern smartly capitalized on the buzz by encouraging people to check out his series for themselves to see what all the fuss could potentially have been about.

Even Zack Snyder got involved, with the former steward of the DCEU posting an image that illustrated his point very well, and now Kevin Smith has become the latest to weigh in. The prolific writer, director, author, comic book aficionado and podcaster hardly gave the most eloquent of responses, but as you can read below, it was a perfectly fitting way of addressing the situation for someone who built their reputation on a string of foul-mouthed R-rated comedies.

“Look, as a guy who’s been reading Batman his whole life and was given stewardship once or twice, but take it with a grain of salt because I did make him pee his pants as well and the internet hates that, of course f*cking Batman eats p*ssy! It would track for the character: he’s great at everything. He studied everything! He went all around the world; you telling me he’d leave that off the list? You know he went somewhere and met the lick master, and he went home a smarter, wiser, man.”

I would imagine only a villain is like, ‘I’m not gonna eat your p*ssy! Because I’m a villain, I got no time!’. But a f*cking hero? That’s what a hero does! Hero eats your p*ssy before you do anything! Before you even see his d*ck, and in Batman’s case that takes a long time because he’s a layered character.”

Warner Bros. didn’t want to depict the Dark Knight as an overt fan of cunnilingus because he’s a hero that’s got merchandise to shill to the masses, which in itself is strange when Harley Quinn is a very R-rated series that’s hardly going to cross over with the demographic that spends money on family friendly merchandise bearing Batman‘s iconic visage. If anything, it’s worse for his reputation to be depicted as a selfish lover, especially when as Smith says, he’s spent years traveling the globe to hone his skills and become the best he can possibly be at absolutely everything.