DC Fans Petition To Revive Batman Beyond And Static Shock


Of all the incredible DC animated shows to have popped up in the past 25 years, one could say that Batman Beyond is an especially unique selection for discussion because it originated as a cartoon before being introduced into the comic book medium. Long story short, it told the tale of Terry McGinnis, who succeeds Bruce Wayne as the new Dark Knight fifty years into the future.

Though nearly two decades have passed since the final episode aired, Terry’s adventures remain beloved by fans the world over. Like I said, the legacy’s continued on the comics, but not before an animated flick, Return of the Joker, spun from the series.

Similarly, Static Shock has remained in the hearts and minds of DC enthusiasts. Having dealt with real life social issues head-on, this particular saga set itself apart from others making up the Timmverse, though it wasn’t afraid to do crossovers when necessary.

Having said all this, it’s worth mentioning that a petition has started over at Change.org to revive both Batman Beyond and Static Shock, saying:

“Batman Beyond ran from January 10, 1999, and ended its run on December 18, 2001. The show ran for 3 seasons and one TV movie. The show takes place In the DCAU along with Static Shock. Static Shock ran 4 seasons and 52 episodes. Both shows have loose ends when they got cancelled. Batman Beyond did get a conclusion in Justice League  Unlimited’s series finale, but I don’t think it’s enough for fans to have closure, also, with shows like Young Justice getting another season, I think the same could be done for Batman Beyond and Static Shock. This is why I made this petition.”

batman beyond 15 banner

At the time of this writing, 90 signatures have been added, with the end goal being 100. I’m sure once word gets out more will sign, though a much higher count should’ve been sought in order to inspire any hope of true change. On the plus side, voice actor Kevin Conroy re-tweeted this, so we know where he stands.

In all honesty, it doesn’t hurt to sign it, but there are also other ways to support the brand. If indeed an announcement regarding a Batman Beyond complete series Blu-ray release comes out of San Diego Comic-Con like we assume, then it’s recommended you do your part by picking up a copy.

Like the petitioner said, fans campaigning tirelessly helped resurrect Young Justice, so Batman Beyond and Static Shock being given second go-rounds is within the realm of possibility. But if I were to wager, I’d say the most we’ll get is a new animated movie continuing the story of the former at some point down the road.