DC Wants Green Lantern TV Show To Look Like A Big Budget Movie

Green Lantern

Earlier this week, it was announced that a Green Lantern TV series is being developed for HBO Max. This will be the first time that this corner of the DC universe has been brought to the small screen in live-action. And as you’d imagine, exploring the cosmic mythos of the Green Lantern Corps would be a costly affair, so it’s no surprise that all the signs are pointing to the show having a hefty price tag.

We Got This Covered has previously reported that the GL series will carry a budget of around $100 million and now, insider Daniel Richtman has backed up our scoop. Over on his Twitter account, he wrote: “I hear the Green Lantern show will have a huge budget.” Apparently, the reason why is because the studio wants the production to have the same flair as one of their cinematic offerings. “They want it to look like a big budget movie,” he concluded.

All this fits with what exec producer Greg Berlanti said in his statement that went along with the announcement of the series. The DC TV architect described the Green Lantern series as “the biggest DC show ever made,” one which will take things into space. A lot of superhero TV often has to bring things down to Earth for budgetary concerns, but it’s sounding like this project won’t suffer from that problem.

No other story details have been revealed as yet, but WGTC’s own info has further pointed to the show having a person of color in the lead. We’ve previously theorized that this could be John Stewart, Simon Baz or Jessica Cruz or possibly even an original character created for TV. And while it’s unknown if the series is replacing the Green Lantern Corps movie that’s been stuck in development hell for years, given all the money being thrown at it, that may well be the case.