DC Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of That Awesome Arrowverse Promo


While it’s safe to say that the DC universe hasn’t exactly transferred smoothly to the big screen, the same can’t be said for television. The various DC TV projects, known collectively as the Arrowverse, recently returned to The CW to rave reviews, with particular kudos going to the excellent Cress Williams-starring Black Lightning.

However, if you cast your mind to a while back, you might remember that to whet our appetites, the network released a trailer at the beginning of the year entitled “Suit Up.” Taking place in a locker room style setup, the promo showed various heroes from ArrowThe Flash and Legends of Tomorrow getting into costume. As they strap, buckle and zip themselves into all kinds of cool looking pieces of body armor, gadgetry and helmets, they’re joined by Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl (rushing there late from work) and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, who emerges chowing down on a burger.

For such a short promo, it was brimming with personality, with my favorite bit being Supergirl explaining that it’s easy to get into a skirt as “she doesn’t have to deal with legs or zippers or anything.” Clearly, the trailer went down quite well with fans, as DC has now released a quick, snappily edited behind the scenes look at how they put it all together.

I’ve got to say, it makes starring in one of these shows look like the coolest job in the world. Not only to do you get to professionally pretend to be a superhero, but you also have a team of people primping, spraying and cosmetically enhancing you to ensure that you’re the most stylish superhero you could possibly be. Plus, it’s nice to see that shorn of CGI enhancement and post-production, these costumes still look pretty damn good.

Tell us, were you a fan of the “Suit Up” promo for the Arrowverse? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section down below.