DC Writer Calls Out Dean Cain’s Ridiculous Superman Comments


Dean Cain was a hero for a generation of superhero fans in the 1990s, for his portrayal of Clark Kent in Lois & Clark, but lately he’s come under fire for his support of Donald Trump and other right-wing views that many feel are antithetical to what Superman stands for. In the latest example of this, the actor recently went on FOX News and voiced his belief that the Man of Steel wouldn’t be able to say one of his classic phrases in today’s climate. And folks are not having it. Especially DC Comics writer Tom King.

“I promise you, as Superman, I wouldn’t today be allowed to say truth, justice and the American Way,” Cain said, which host Ainsley Earhardt enthusiastically agreed with. Once a video of this moment went viral, King responded to it and totally disproved Cain’s comments by pulling up a page from one of his comics published this year which features a play on the catchphrase.

Cain then responded to King’s tweet, admitting his mistake but criticizing the writer’s strong language.


King – who spent seven years as a CIA officer – then took offence at Cain’s backhanded “makes you feel tough” comment. He argued that it was justified following a previous tweet from the actor which seemed to discourage people from wearing face masks in public.

Cain hasn’t played Superman since Lois & Clark ended in 1997, but he has continued to be a part of the DC universe. He appeared as Curtis Knox (a thinly-veiled version of Vandal Savage) on an episode of Smallville and was a recurring presence across Supergirl seasons 1 and 2 as Kara Danvers’ adoptive father. His character was killed off-screen in season 5 and some have speculated that this was done as a response to the star’s controversial views.

Of course, the actor has voiced his interest in doing a Lois & Clark revival many times before, but the chances of him returning as Superman look pretty slim now.

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