Dean Cain Has Ideas For A Lois & Clark Relaunch


Considering that the Man of Steel took the 1990s off when it came to appearing in theatrically released movies, it’s a good thing fans had Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman to help satisfy their fix.

Having ran for four seasons, it showed a more domestic side to the timeless icon, in addition to putting great emphasis on his career as a reporter at the Daily Planet. And, of course, there was the matter of him finally being married off to Lois Lane, something that’d actually been unheard of at the time.

In the time since the series wrapped, lead actor Dean Cain has been among various others to have shown up in other Superman-based projects. In fact, he’s helped the legacy live on by playing the villainous Curtis Knox on Smallville, and by filling out the role of Jeremiah Danvers on the currently running Supergirl.

But if he were given the chance, it really does sound like Cain would pick up where he left off, saying the following while appearing on The Talk:

“We ended in a really weird spot, so we don’t know what’s going on. I mean there was a baby delivered to our doorstop, and the show’s over. It’s like, ‘What happened?’ I wrote episodes of the show, and we never got to finish it. You want to have an ending of some sort. So we’ve talked about what it might be and where it might go.”

lois-clark-terri-hatcher (1)

Well, he’s certainly right about ending “in a really weird spot.” Unlike the aforementioned Smallville, Lois & Clark was actually cancelled and ended on a cliffhanger. But if a relaunch were to occur, Dean’s already gotten started on some of the work himself, with the actor revealing:

“Because I write, I’ve actually been writing possibly an idea for it. I want them still together, they’ve got kids. Do they have babies now? How do they work that out? Do they have superpowers? I think they should. And all the things you can teach them about using their superpowers and the mistakes they could make, because gosh knows we all make mistakes especially as young adults. I think it would be fun to explore. So we’ll see what happens.”

Barring some sort of prime time miniseries, I don’t see a Lois & Clark revival happening anytime soon – though I’d most definitely tune in if one came to fruition. But what would serve as a nice consolation prize would be having Dean Cain dusting off his Superman suit for The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover set to air that fall. You have to admit that’d be pretty badass.