DCEU fans are split over Amanda Waller’s ‘Peacemaker’ spinoff

Image via Warner Bros.

We knew James Gunn had at least one more DC TV project in the works over at HBO Max, and now we’ve discovered what it is. News has come out that the Peacemaker creator is developing another spinoff of The Suicide Squad, this time built around A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller, as played by Viola Davis in both the 2021 movie and its 2016 predecessor from David Ayer.

Although Davis is one of the biggest names in the Suicide Squad universe and Waller has a rich history in DC comics, this announcement has still thrown fans for a loop as The Wall has always been a supporting character rather than a leading one — she’s never had her own solo comic book, for example. So the reactions to this spinoff on social media have been decidedly mixed.

On the positive side, a lot of people are already chomping at the bit to see the show.

But, conversely, others aren’t convinced it should even be a thing.

That is… a take.

As long as Danielle Harris is back as Leota Adebayo, too, then all is golden.

The Peacemaker finale definitely put Waller in an intriguing position.

One gripe some fans have with this spinoff is that they didn’t like how Waller was portrayed in TSS.

Others only have eyes for the much-missed Rick Flag.

While different folks were hoping for a Polka-Dot Man prequel series.

As per this news, Davis is in talks to reprise Amanda Waller in the streaming series, which would be produced by Gunn and penned by Watchmen scribe Christal Henry. This is likely the DC project Gunn has teased before now, which he labelled as less of a comedy and more serious than John Cena vehicle Peacemaker, which is also getting a second season.