Deadpool Joins The TVA In Awesome Loki Fan Art


It may have been a fortunate stroke of coincidence, or there could be something much more to the fact Deadpool made his official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut just 24 hours before the Season 1 finale of Loki brought the multiverse to the forefront of the conversation.

Ever since Disney first purchased Fox and handed the Merc with a Mouth over to Kevin Feige, we’ve been inundated with rumor and speculation as to how the character would be incorporated into the established mythology. With virtually every other comic book favorite the Mouse House acquired, it’s a case of simply rebooting them from the ground up, but that doesn’t work with Deadpool.

Not only did Ryan Reynolds headline two R-rated blockbusters that combined to earn over $1.5 billion at the box office, but we’re talking about a self-aware and fourth wall-breaking cult hero, one that’s fully aware of his status as the star of studio-produced blockbusters. The multiverse has now presented an easy in, and with that in mind, new fan art from Mizuri imagines Wade Wilson as a member of the Time Variance Authority, which you can check out below.

Even before Loki plunged every timeline into a state of anarchy, Deadpool could have realistically shown up anywhere in the MCU, and all he’d have to do would be explain to the audience with a wink and a nod why he’d settled on a particular project to make his grand introduction.

Now that the goal posts have shifted, the multiverse is in play and DP has debuted alongside Korg in a Free Guy trailer breakdown, he could literally show up anywhere at any time, and it’s hugely exciting stuff.