First Look At Deathstorm And Killer Frost In The Flash Season 2

The last time we saw Ronnie Raymond in The Flash, he saved Central City by sacrificing himself in the Singularity which opened up when Barry Allen and the Reverse-Flash’s time travel antics caused chaos. So, when Robbie Amell was spotted on the set of The CW series, fans took it as confirmation that their theories that Ronnie survived and took refuge on Earth-2 were correct.

However, we now know that the actor is actually playing Deathstorm, a villainous alternate reality version of the heroic Firestorm that we’ve previously seen in The Flash. Both he and Killer Frost (the Earth-2 Caitlin Snow) are a couple on that world, and they can be seen in the images above.

Asked about the impact their presence will have on the series, producer Andrew Kreisberg said:

“Some of these people are beyond different. [Wells] seems so different until you start seeing the crazy differences between all of our other cast members. Then he’s the one who doesn’t seem quite so different and crazy anymore. There’s a couple of surprises that we’ve got in store that we’re really excited about.”

These two will first appear in an episode of The Flash titled “Welcome to Earth-2,” and it definitely sounds like this instalment of the hit CW series is going to be packed full of surprises for fans, so be sure to tune in.