Daredevil Star Responds To Shocking Cancellation


Marvel fans are still reeling from the cancellation of Daredevil after three seasons. Maybe we were half-expecting it following the previous demises of Iron Fist and Luke Cagebut it still came as a massive blow when Netflix announced they wouldn’t be continuing the beloved superhero series for a fourth run. Even after season 3 was generally viewed as the best outing of any Marvel show on Netflix.

Now, Daredevil star Deborah Ann Woll has responded to the cancellation with a heartfelt message and thank you to everyone who made the series what it was. Along with posting promo shots from all three seasons of the show, Woll wrote that she was going to miss working alongside her friends and gave a shout-out to showrunner Erik Olsen for at least ending things on a high note.

Woll, of course, played Karen Page on Daredevil, who had quite the journey over the length of the series. She started out as a client and then secretary – sorry, “office manager” – for Nelson & Murdock. After the murder of her mentor Ben Urich, she moved on to become a hard-hitting journalist at The New York Bulletin. With Fisk on her tail in season 3, Karen hit rock bottom, but was able to confide in Matt and Foggy and rebuild her life, ultimately helping reform the old law firm – now rechristened Nelson, Murdock & Page.

Tragically, we won’t get to see this new status quo explored any further in a fourth season. The thing that really hits hard is that the plot for the new run had already been planned out, with one exec producer promising that fans would have loved it…if Netflix had given them the chance to actually make it.

Viewers are now left hoping that Daredevil will live on in the MCU in some form, which was hinted at in a press release. The obvious solution seems to be for it to move over to the Disney + streaming service. If that does happen, maybe Woll will get the chance to work with her friends again, after all.

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