Dexter Season 6-08 ‘Sin Of Omission’ Recap

After last week’s detour episode, Dexter gets back on track with our favorite serial killer/forensics investigator returning back to Miami and tracking down Travis and Geller. “Sin of Omission” also has Debra becoming more curious about what her baby brother is doing. He just got back from an unexpected five day vacation and he hardly sits down to talk to Debra about what’s troubling him. With Debra becoming more suspicious, one has to wonder how long it will be until she finds out the truth about her brother.

There is no mention of Brian Moser or of Harry’s thoughts in this episode but Debra does find out that Dexter drove all the way to Nebraska on his trip. Dexter tells her the reason, while altering a few facts as to why he went. This doesn’t change the fact that she’s still mildly upset over him just bailing like that.

Dexter continually follows Travis and confronts him about the murders and about Gellar. I’m surprised he wasn’t stopped the first time when he entered Travis’ work and the co-worker walked by without noticing him. That happened twice, which seems a bit implausible.

Travis’ sister, Lisa, unfortunately becomes the Whore of Babylon after Gellar abducts Travis and brings him back to the church to try to get him back. This makes Travis the most wanted person in Miami, since Debra had just interviewed Lisa the day before about Travis’ possible connection to Gellar.

Dexter finds the location of the hideout that Travis and Gellar are using but he doesn’t approach quietly. When Travis is chained up, Gellar goes to see who just arrived. He flees the scene when Dexter enters, only to make himself appear just so Dexter knows that Gellar now knows who he is. Travis decides to offer to help Dexter in capturing Gellar.

Meanwhile, in other character news, I’m still a little curious with the obsession of Dexter that Masuka’s intern Louis has. It becomes a bit creepy when we see Louis approach Dexter like a rabid fan in this episode. I’m not sure if it’s crazed fanaticism or something deeper.

There isn’t much of a mention on the relationship between Quinn and Deb in this episode. One has to wonder if it’s taken a back seat in this episode or if it’s done entirely. But Quinn is still typical Quinn. He gets drunk at the newest nightclub/strip bar and proposes to one of the strippers. I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be able to do this until someone beats him into a pulp.

Louis and Jamie were crushing over each other in this episode, until Angel stepped in and laid down all the details on his little sister. This leads Louis to delete a text from Jamie and it looks like he just might try to put her off in general.

Debra is still getting grilled by LaGuerta about being a lieutenant while acting like she’s still a deputy. When a dead call girl shows up, LaGuerta immediately wants the case dropped. It would hurt Metro if it was left open and the Doomsday Killer case is open as well. Debra says the case is closed and then LaGuerta makes a call to tell someone that it’s been closed. What is LaGuerta hiding?

It’s starting to become more apparent that Dexter is getting closer to religion. He confesses his sins to a former pastor who now has dementia. Thankfully, the person forgot and didn’t call for someone to arrest Dexter. The pastor forgives Dexter and our hero now seems to feel better about confessing.

There are many things I appreciated about this episode, and some that I’m not too sure how much longer I can handle. I’m a little fed up with Quinn running around, getting drunk and being cocky. That is just starting to become tiresome since it happens so often.

However, I’m a little curious to see how the pairing of Travis and Dexter will work, if it does fully go into effect next week. They both share the same traits (dark passenger, protective of sibling, etc.) so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

My big concern is what’s going to happen if Gellar gets caught by the two and what will happen afterward? Even though Dexter has been renewed for two more seasons, I have a feeling there might be a “jump the shark” moment in this season. What do you think?