Did You Spot The Horror Cameo In This Week’s Episode Of The Walking Dead?


Spoiler alert if you’re not up to date with season six of The Walking Dead!

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead are regularly treated to sly nods and in-jokes from the show’s creators. It’s cool. It’s their way of saying “Hey, we’re horror fiends too!” In addition to that awesome Creepshow easter egg in the season five premiere, we’ve had a bunch in recent episodes. Last week when the gang were choosing a severed zombie head to pass off as Hilltop leader Geoffrey, one of their options was a dummy head of Johnny Depp.

But this week’s ‘cameo’ is even better. The official Twitter account for the show posted a mash-up image taken from the episode “The Same Boat.” As you may recall, the bulk of the hour was spent with Carol and Maggie locked up in one of the Saviors’ containment centers called The Kill Floor. Now we know where we’ve previously seen that location onscreen:

You guessed it. Carol and Maggie’s prison was also used as the iconic bathroom from the first Saw movie. It just goes to show how skilled the set dressers are on the show, as it’s nigh-on impossible to tell at first glance. And, it makes you wonder what other surprises the series has in store for its remaining three episodes this season. One thing’s for certain – we’ll definitely be meeting the big bad Negan before it wraps up.

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