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Diego Luna admits he questioned why ‘Andor’ needed to exist

Subterfuge and/or sabotage.

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Andor is the next Star Wars show coming to Disney Plus, though from the moment it was announced in 2018, fans have wondered whether a two-season series following the adventures of Diego Luna’s morally flexible Rebel spy needs to exist at all.

Not only has it now been six years since Rogue One hit theaters, but the title hero died at the end of that movie. Do we really need 24 episodes of television showing the life of a one-and-done character in a Star Wars spinoff? To be fair, even Luna has admitted he had doubts over whether Andor should happen.

The prequel spinoff to a prequel spinoff was originally supposed to shoot in early 2020, before COVID came along and delayed everything. In an interview with Den of Geek, Luna revealed that he thought they might have missed their chance.

“I went through so many stages, different ones of thinking this wasn’t happening, there was no need for something like this. Then I went, ‘Oh, we have to do this. The whole team needs to know that they’re capable of pulling this off.’”

Luna later explained that he feels Andor‘s story is now politically relevant, as he can sympathize with the tale of a refugee forced to leave their homeland for political reasons.

“It’s difficult to find out where he comes from because obviously he’s been forced to move. And today, the story of a refugee is a story that is very pertinent to the world and where we find it.”

Someone at Lucasfilm must be pleased with Andor as it’s already been confirmed for a second season. This will bring Cassian’s story full circle, and end by leading into the events of Rogue One. We’re trying to fight our skepticism that we don’t need to see any more of this character, and with the premiere now just over a month away, expect the hype train to kick into full gear soon.

Andor will premiere on Disney Plus on 31 August.

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