Dinosaurs Fans Freaking Out That The Show Is On Disney Plus


It’s not just the flashy original content that subscribers want to see on Disney Plus, as the Mouse House’s streaming service is also a must for its catalog of nostalgic favorites from yesteryear. And this weekend, Disney finally added one beloved 1990s show that fans have been waiting to see go up on the platform since it launched: ABC sitcom Dinosaurs.

Yes, as of Friday, January 29th, all four seasons of the series are available to stream at your leisure in the US and Canada. And a lot of folks wasted no time in diving straight into the show.

As produced by The Jim Henson Company – it was actually the brainchild of Henson himself, who died shortly before it began airing in 1991 – Dinosaurs follows the lives of the Sinclair family, a regular clan of prehistoric reptiles living in 60,000,003 BC. It was available on Hulu for a while a few years ago, but for many people, its Disney Plus debut marked the first time they’d seen the series for decades and they couldn’t be more excited about it, as you can see below.

It’s good news for millennials!

Come for the dinosaur puppets, stay for the anti-capitalist themes.

At long last.

Baby Sinclair is still the best.

Well played, Disney.

Weird flex but OK.

Our weekend plans are secured.

And here are a few more reactions, just for good measure:

Though it has a lot in common with the likes of The Simpsons and The Flintstones, Dinosaurs hasn’t enjoyed the cultural staying power of either of those shows, which is a shame as it’s a lot smarter than you probably remember. Thanks to its biting satirical edge, it’s aged really well, so the fact that it’s now on Disney Plus will hopefully give it a surge of new popularity. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in all territories around the world, but fingers crossed that the studio is working on that as we speak.