Disney drops promo for the penultimate ‘Moon Knight’ episode

Steven and Marc in Moon Knight (1)
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Warning; this article contains spoilers for episode four of Moon Knight

The new Moon Knight episode will begin streaming on Disney Plus at midnight, and the streaming service is stoking the flames of fan excitement with a brand new teaser for the fifth and next to last episode.

Spoilers follow below.

Fans are still reeling after the bizarre end sequence of last week’s episode four which showed Marc, or Steven — although at this point it’s getting even harder to tell — waking up after his apparent death at the hands of series antagonist Arthur Harrow only to find himself highly sedated and bound to a wheelchair in what appears to be the ward of a mental health institution. Worse, his psychiatrist appeared to be Harrow himself. Although a much milder, mustached version of the same.

Before any sense of disbelief can occur, Marc is quickly on the run again, attempting to elude “Harrow’s” staff as he tries to find a way out of wherever he is. Directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead don’t even give us a moment to figure things out before Marc frees a man from a sarcophagus in one of the hospital’s rooms, and that man turns out to be Steven himself. Even that jaw-dropper didn’t top the episode’s final reveal: a hippo-headed figure (the Egyptian goddess Taweret according to the cast listing) waving hello to the pair of doppelgängers.

It was a lot to digest, to say the least, and it’s left some fans reeling. The wildest episode yet – not to mention the most on-the-nose confrontation of Spector’s mental illness – didn’t exactly answer any questions and seemed to pose quite a few new ones.

Unfortunately, the newest teaser, dropped today by the official Marvel Studios account, is playing it close to the chest. Although it reflects the schism of Spector/Grant’s reality and perception thereof, we don’t see any revelations of what’s to come. The series only has two episodes to re-establish Spector’s link with Khonshu (and get back his ability to “suit up” as Moon Knight), not to mention stopping Harrow from re-awakening the devourer of souls, Ammit. It’s a fairly tall order for two episodes, even if the finale is allowed to run long.

Thankfully, fans will only have to wait a few hours to find out what happens next.