Disney Plus Features Entire Uncensored Cut Of Gargoyles


One of the many awesome early surprises that has come out of Disney Plus thus far is the resurgence of Gargoyles. The beloved animated TV series has been revitalized by older fans who are just now rediscovering how great it is and a younger generation of viewers who are falling in love with the mid-nineties classic for the first time. However, those who watched the show’s original run may notice that things are a little different this time around.

Subscribers will be happy to know that it’s not just their memory playing tricks on them. Disney Plus has opted to stream the original, completely unedited version of Gargoyles, as opposed to the tamer cut that played on TV. Now, this doesn’t mean nudity or anything, but it does mean that scenes with some unexpected violence are making it onscreen.

For example, in an episode entitled “Deadly Force,” one of the titular beasts accidentally shoots Elisa with a gun. In the next shot, the character quite literally gets blood on his hands, which was ultimately left out of the finished product. Fans will get to see this bloody scene and several more on Disney Plus and while the violence isn’t over the top by any stretch, there are a few scenes that may be a little shocking to some.

Prior to Disney Plus, the uncut versions were only available on the home media releases. This means that anything available on iTunes, Amazon Prime or any other digital means would’ve featured the edited versions. As such, it’s great that the new streaming service has allowed the show to be consumed in the way it was originally intended, as well as potentially getting the ball rolling on the long-awaited reboot.

Gargoyles is currently available to watch on Disney Plus in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.