Gargoyles Is Already Trending After Disney+ Launch


In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Disney+ launched to a great amount of fanfare. And not long after, fans were all over Twitter talking about one of the classic animated shows featured on the platform. Yes, Gargoyles is now trending on social media, alongside other Disney darlings like Darkwing Duck and Lizzie McGuire.

Subscribers both old and young are letting everyone know about the binge-worthy series. A lot of folks are rediscovering the magic of the show they fell in love with as kids, while a whole new generation of viewers is becoming enthralled with the 78 half-hour episodes for the first time. Many people are already pushing for a reboot, too, which some of the show’s original stars have expressed their desire to be a part of.

For those who are unfamiliar, Gargoyles tells the story of a species of nocturnal beasts who turn to stone during the day. They’re inadvertently awoken from a curse by billionaire David Xanatos when he moves a Scotland castle atop his New York City skyscraper. As they struggle to adjust to the new world around them, the monsters are befriended by a sympathetic female police officer named Elisa Maza. Together, they deal with various supernatural and modern threats that endanger both their lives and the world as a whole.

The series is often lauded for its dark tone and complex story arcs, which were and pretty much still are very uncommon in kids shows. The episodes also employed character arcs and Shakespearean themes that still hold up to this day. Though the series only ran for three years, its success inspired a video game adaptation and several comic books.

Now that it’s being appreciated and discussed once more, hopefully Disney+ will decide to continue the storyline where it left off. In the meantime, though, Gargoyles is currently available to stream on the aforementioned platform for your viewing pleasure.