Disney May Start From Scratch With Daredevil And The Netflix Shows


Following Daredevil‘s shock cancellation on Thursday night, Marvel fans are in mourning for the Netflix arm of the MCU. With Luke Cage and Iron Fist, that makes three of the Defenders-verse shows that have already been canned, with Jessica Jones and The Punisher surely to meet the same fate soon. What lovers of the series are hoping for now is that they’ll continue on other platforms, like say Disney+ or Hulu.

Unfortunately, one source is claiming that there’s just no interest in resurrecting Daredevil and friends on a different streaming service. In a series of tweets, Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall argued that the chances are very low. For one, it’s been reported that Disney+ will focus on family-friendly material and, even if there was a place for these mature Marvel shows, the contracts drawn up with Netflix would likely make it “virtually impossible” for the stars to play the characters for a different platform.

As well as that, Sepinwall pointed out that there’s a clear disconnect between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television. We know that already due to the lack of crossover between the Avengers and the Defenders, but Sepinwall’s also claiming that there’s bad blood between the two arms of Marvel. Finally, he says that if Marvel Studios did wish to do more with ol’ Hornead and co., they’d probably “start over from scratch.” So that means completely new casts, stylistic approaches, the lot.

We’re inclined to believe Sepinwall’s analysis of the situation, as it lines up with another claim we heard recently. Deadline previously reported that we shouldn’t expect a Daredevil movie as Marvel just isn’t interested in doing that right now. The future seems bleak for fans of the Marvel-Netflix characters, then, but maybe we’ll just binge-watch Daredevil from the start again to numb the pain.