Disney pulling some great Fox shows from Netflix tomorrow

As is the case at the beginning of each month, many film and television titles are leaving streaming platforms on January 1, with new additions being added. Some of the fan favorites being removed from Netflix are making fans quite emotional, like the Twilight movies, The Shannara Chronicles, and the ever-wonderful Great British Baking Show.

In addition, 20th Century shows like Family Guy and Suits are leaving Netflix in many international markets. While some regions have already lost the listed shows, some have held on to them over the last couple of years. What’s On Netflix shared lists of what episodic efforts will be removed from Netflix next month.

The Tweet shared above gives fans a preview of what’s leaving Netflix, and in some regions the shows have already been pulled from Netflix and gone on to new homes. Here are the titles leaving in several global areas as reported by What’s On Netflix.

  • American Horror Story: Cult is leaving Netflix in several Asian regions, with previous seasons having already been pulled.
  • Family Guy is leaving Netflix in the remaining regions where it still airs.
  • Grey’s Anatomy is leaving Netflix in many Asian and Latin American regions tomorrow.
  • Homeland is leaving Netflix in many regions.
  • How I Met Your Mother is leaving Netflix globally.
  • Modern Family is leaving Netflix globally.
  • New Girl is leaving Netflix everywhere but the US — for now.
  • Prison Break is also leaving Netflix on a global scale.
  • Sons of Anarchy will also be leaving Netflix in all regions.

So where can you watch those beloved shows now? As What’s On Netflix reports, Disney Plus expanded its catalog to include the beloved favorites leaving Netflix, and you can view them on the platform via Star. You’ll also find shows there that weren’t on Netflix to begin with.

In addition to the shows listed above, several films are leaving the platform on January 1, so if you’re planning on a quiet New Year’s Eve at home — you may want to do some last-minute binge watches.