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Disney recruiting the star of a Netflix favorite stuck in renewal purgatory for months for a sci-fi sequel series understandably causes concern

Scheduling conflicts could be an ominous indicator of things to come.

shadow and bone
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The strikes have ground the entire industry to a standstill, but it’s been made clear that streaming shows aren’t immune from being canceled even as writers and actors continue to keep their tools down, regardless of whether they’ve already been renewed or not. Suffice to say, the anxiety over the fate of Shadow and Bone gets greater by the day.

It’s been over four months since the second season of Netflix’s expansive fantasy epic dropped, and yet there’s no word on whether or not the company is planning to dive back into the universe for additional episodes. Lengthy waits are frustratingly par for the course on-demand, but it goes without saying that fingernails have long since been chewed down to the cuticles and beyond.

Kit Young as Jesper Fahey in 'Shadow and Bone'
Image via Netflix

In another sign that’s been interpreted as a potential harbinger of doom, key cast member Kit Young was added to the cast of Noah Hawley’s Alien series for Disney, which has been placed on hold due to the ongoing strike action. That means that when things to pick up again, the actor will be required to dedicate months of his time to shooting a high concept blockbuster show that isn’t Shadow and Bone.

Of course, there’s always the chance he’ll end up doing both dependent on if Shadow and Bone gets renewed, when the strikes end, and a production timeline Netflix could put in place should those prayers finally be answered. Naturally, concrete confirmation would be ideal, but the waiting game continues to drag on and on and on.

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