Disney Releases New Trailer For Intertwined Series Now Streaming On Disney Plus


Disney revealed a new trailer for its new series Intertwined (Entrelazados) during Disney Plus Day, a celebration of the streaming service’s second anniversary during which the company shared a plethora of new show announcements and trailers.

Intertwined (Entrelazados) is an Argentinian series, originally filmed in Spanish and dubbed in English for Disney Plus. The series follows the story of a sixteen-year-old Allegra Sharp who dreams of joining a musical theater company called Eleven O’Clock and playing the starring role in a stage production of Freaky Friday, just like her grandmother, who went on to become a legendary star in the world of musical theater.

The trailer gives fans a sense of its Freaky Friday-inspired family drama mixed with sequences that look straight out of a Broadway musical.

Allegra tries to find out more about her family’s history after she fails her audition for the company and can’t get any answers from her mother. She soon discovers a magical bracelet that allows her to travel to 1994, where her mother is just starting her career with Eleven O’Clock while living in the shadow of her own hugely successful mother. In order to find success in her own stage career, Allegra decides to right the wrongs of her family’s past.

Unlike other Disney Plus series that release new episodes week by week, Intertwined begins streaming all ten episodes of its first season today. The series stars Carolina Domench as Allegra alongside Clara Alonso, Manuela Menéndez, Elena Roger, and Lucila Gandolfo.