Disney Plus Confirms Official Release Schedule For The Mandalorian Season 2


The unstoppable rise of the streaming service has completely revolutionized the way audiences consume television, with subscribers more than happy to devour the latest season of their favorite show in one sitting, a far cry from the days when weekly episodes always generated plenty of water cooler conversation.

Of course, one problem with the super serving method is that people have become so used to having everything made available all at once that they throw their toys out of the pram when they don’t get it. The Boys recently returned for an even bigger, better and badder season 2 on Amazon, but the show was still review bombed by so-called fans simply because they didn’t get all eight episodes at once.

The first run of The Mandalorian, meanwhile, strictly followed the weekly release model and didn’t generate any backlash whatsoever, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Disney Plus is sticking to what they know best when the hit series returns with all-new episodes in just over two weeks. The platform has now confirmed the official schedule, and following the October 30th premiere, Mando and Baby Yoda’s latest adventure will unfold over eight weeks – every Friday – and culminate with the season 2 finale on December 18th.

Not only does that ensure that The Mandalorian will be wrapped by Christmas, but it also clears up the Disney Plus schedule to guarantee that as many eyeballs as possible will be focused on Pixar’s latest effort Soul, which was recently pulled from theaters and will now be heading straight to streaming on Christmas Day, with the added bonus that it won’t be subjected to the same Premier Access pricing as the surprisingly controversial Mulan remake.