The Boys Is Now Being Review Bombed Due To New Release Schedule

The Boys

The first three episodes of the second season of Amazon’s smash hit The Boys are now available, and if you weren’t a fan of the dark humor and gruesome violence the last time around, then your mind definitely isn’t going to change. However, if you couldn’t get enough of the wild antics that followed Billy Butcher and the gang, then season 2 picks up right where the show left off and promises an even bigger, better and crazier adventure.

The first batch of episodes arrived all at once last year, but the streaming service has slightly altered their release model and new episodes will be dropping every Friday for the next five weeks. In the grand scheme of things, 35 days is hardly a long time, but that apparently isn’t good enough for the fans who have been actively review bombing The Boys on Rotten Tomatoes based entirely on the fact that the whole season didn’t drop last Friday.

From a critical perspective, The Boys is doing just fine, where it holds a 97% score from nearly 60 reviews, but users are now doling out one-star reviews because they don’t have the patience to wait seven days for the next episode. If anything sums up the sense of entitlement that the rise of streaming services has given subscribers, then this is it.

It’s almost like people don’t remember that just a few years ago, every major TV show arrived on a weekly basis and you couldn’t pause, rewind or fast-forward them, either, not to mention running the risk of missing something important if you timed a bathroom break to coincide with the ads. The Boys is as great as it ever was, but it just seems that some fans can’t get to grips with the idea of building anticipation in the era of binge-watching.