Doctor Who Star Addresses If The Master Will Return In Season 13

Doctor Who

It’s been a bumpy ride for the second season of Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who this past couple of weeks, but since the showrunner is returning for another season next year, fans are wondering if the latest incarnation of the Master will make a comeback as well.

The arch-nemesis of the Doctor suddenly reappearing during season 12’s premiere episode was one of the more shocking moments of the new run. After Moffat introduced a redemption arc for Missy in season 10, Chibnall once again managed to remind us of why the conflict between the two Time Lords has gone down in history as the Enmity of Ages.

Of course, we don’t exactly know where this new Master fits into the narrative and continuity of Who, but most fans are assuming that Dwahan’s character is the regeneration between Simm’s Master and Gomez’s Missy. And during last week’s penultimate episode, titled “Ascension of the Cybermen,” the character returned to warn the Doctor that everything was about to change forever.

So, we expect to see a lot from the Master during tomorrow’s finale, but fans would like to know if Dwahan intends to return for another season, especially since Doctor Who always leaves the fate of his character in ambiguity. In a recent chat with Digital Spy, Dwahan addressed the issue head on and said the following about the matter:

“Yeah, I’d love to [return]. I’m just waiting to be asked, to be honest. I think, for me, I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I hope this is a regular thing!’

Regardless of whether Chibnall decides to bring back Jodie’s No. 1 enemy for season 13, one thing’s certain; the fan reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. This means a lot to Dwahan, too, who admits that he initially questioned if he could live up to expectations, saying:

“Your initial thinking is: ‘Maybe I’m not good enough.’ But what Doctor Who has taught me as well is to really believe yourself, and to trust your ability. I think that once I tapped into that with the support of Chris Chibnall, the creator and writer, and Matt Strevens, the producer. They really got me to produce some of my best work.”

As the actor puts it, the Master really comes to life when you’re not “afraid to take risks and be bold,” which has thus far served his time as the infamous character well.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you wish to see more of the character on Doctor Who, make sure to not miss the finale of season 12, titled “The Timeless Children,” when it premieres this Sunday night on the BBC.