Doctor Who Cast Sum Up Season 11 In Just Thirteen Words


Who says you need a trailer to tease what’s to come in the new season of Doctor Who? The central cast of the show have summed up what we can expect from season 11 in just 13 words in this promo for Sunday’s premiere, titled “The Woman Who Lived.”

The Thirteenth Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, and her companions Mandip Gill (who plays Yaz), Tosin Cole (Ryan) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) went for a variety of adjectives to describe the upcoming run. They were: Brilliant, stupendous, entertaining, out-of-this-world, adventurous, thrilling, hilarious, extraordinary, frightening, sensational, inspiring, spine-tingling and, finally, thirteen.

Technically speaking, that last one’s not an adjective, but it does get across the big hook of season 11. That being the fact that it’ll feature the long-awaited proper introduction of the Thirteenth, and first female Doctor. Whittaker’s era of the show has been a long time coming, as she was first announced to have landed the part 15 months ago, but now, it’s finally around the corner and it looks to have been worth the wait.

Reviews for Sunday’s premiere have been overwhelmingly positive, with critics saying that the actress is a breath of fresh air in the lead role, bringing a lot of charm and humor to the part of the immortal Time Lord. And if you’re wondering whether the character’s change in gender will be made a big deal of, it’s known that it’ll hardly be a factor in the story. Showrunner Chris Chibnall has said it’s more of a “survival” tale, so the Doctor will hardly have time to notice that this regeneration was more of a change than normal.

Season 11 is set to run for ten episodes, a shorter length than previous outings but each episode will have a 50 minute runtime instead of the usual 45. Each installment is expected to be standalone with no overarching story arc, too, which is again in contrast to prior runs.

Be sure to catch Doctor Who “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” this Sunday, October 7th.

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