Doctor Who Fans Are Baffled Over Weird Ending Of Tonight’s Episode


As discussed in my review, tonight’s penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 11, titled “It Takes You Away,” was one of the most high-concept of the run – and when I say high-concept, I mean totally bonkers. And it seems that Whovians everywhere have no idea what to make of it.

Essentially, the episode saw a sentient universe called the Solitract collide with ours, luring folks into its world by taking the forms of their deceased loved ones. When the time came for the Doctor to have her big showdown with the entity, she went face to face with… a frog sitting on a chair in a wide void. Oh, and it talked like Grace, the late wife of Bradley Walsh’s character, Graham.

That’s not quite as barmy as it sounds because the Solitract had previously impersonated Grace and spoken about her love of frogs but yes, it’s still pretty bizarre. And as you can imagine, the fan reaction to the scene ran the gamut.

Some instantly knew that the episode had spawned an iconic moment that would live on in Whovian history, as this Tweet shows us:

Others, meanwhile, couldn’t get their head around what had happened.

Alternatively, some fans just thought the presence of the frog was ridiculous. As one pointed out, this was the perfect time for the Solitract to take the form of someone from the Doctor’s past, giving us a welcome cameo from a former star of the show.

On the other hand, some Whovians loved the ending, warts and all, and suggested that maybe every episode of Doctor Who would be better if it finished with a talking frog sitting on a chair.

“It Takes You Away” definitely didn’t end up where we were expecting, you have to give it that. In fact, “It Blows You Away” probably would have been a more accurate title.

Anyways, be sure to catch the Doctor Who season 11 finale, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos,” next Sunday. Though honestly, however it concludes the run, it’ll surely be a disappointment when compared to the talking frog.