Doctor Who Fans Are Thrilled With Jodie Whittaker, Says Steven Moffat


The internet is still reeling from the announcement of the new lead for Doctor Who. As you’ve surely heard, Jodie Whittaker has been revealed to be the Thirteenth Doctor, taking over from Peter Capaldi who bows out in the Christmas special. We probably don’t need to point out that she’s also the first actress to take on the previously male-oriented role.

As you can imagine, everyone has reacted very calmly to this news and social media users have hardly had anything to say on the matter. Wait, no, that’s not right. We meant to say that the internet has been torn in two over the subject, with many people loving the decision while others are decreeing that it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. It’s caused something of a storm within the media lately and as usual, the negativity is getting the most attention. But according to showrunner Steven Moffat, the majority of fans are actually pleased with the decision.

Speaking to Empire at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, here’s what he had to say about all the commotion:

“One thing to say about the reaction. It’s kind of as if Doctor Who fans are being slightly vilified at the moment. Loads of journalists are writing about a completely imaginary backlash against the Doctor. It hasn’t happened. It was something like 80% of social media was thrilled. Doctor Who fans here are absolutely thrilled about Jodie being the Doctor.

The writer then continued on to note that most people aren’t even reacting to the gender swap, explaining:

There has been nothing – only a few tiny made people somewhere. The amount of journalism being devoted to saying there’s been some huge reaction – there hasn’t been. In fact most of the fans aren’t even reacting to the fact it’s a female Doctor, they are saying Jodie Whittaker is a brilliant actor what a good piece of casting.”

We have to agree with Moffat here. Though the people who are against having a female in the role are certainly making their opinions heard, loud and clear, they do still seem to be in the minority. Most fans either don’t care or are fine with Whittaker being cast. While we do understand the hesitation some may have about the character now being a woman, it’d be best to just wait and see what kind of Doctor she turns out to be before rushing to any judgments.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to go before we get to see just that as, like we mentioned above, Whittaker will take over for Capaldi later this year in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

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