Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Sees The Universe Anew


As long as there’s a sun in the sky and producers working at the BBC, there will be a new season of Doctor Who. With Peter Capaldi fitting comfortably into the role, the Doctor will be back for more in the new year, and to celebrate his expected return, a new trailer has now been unveiled.

While this one-minute teaser isn’t necessarily revealing when it comes to content, it does give us a chance to get more acquainted with Bill (Pearl Mackie), a girl who sees the world anew whenever she travels alongside the Doctor (Capaldi). From there, they go everywhere and anywhere in space and time, and Bill has no shortage of questions in the process. That includes quite of bit of danger and mayhem, but don’t worry: the Doctor will make sure they end up okay. Pay no mind to the fact that he’s completely out of his mind; “That’s not a recent thing,” he quips.

This new trailer arrives on the heels of last night’s Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.” Our own David James wasn’t a huge fan of it in his review, calling it “broadly entertaining” but ultimately “a wasted opportunity” in the “Superman meets Doctor Who” concept. Hopefully he’ll have some more favorable things to say about this impending block of episodes.

We’re not sure when exactly in 2017 the new season will land, but probably some time around April. Aside from Capaldi and Mackie, it’ll also star Matt Lucas, who appeared on last night’s Christmas special. Led, once again, by head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, season 10 marks the 36th consecutive outing of the popular British sci-fi series. Quite an impressive feat, wouldn’t you say?

Tell us, are you looking forward to this new season of Doctor Who? Sound off down below and let us know!