Doctor Who Season 13 Set Photos Tease The Return Of A Classic Foe

Doctor Who

Production on Jodie Whittaker’s third outing as the titular character in Doctor Who is finally picking up speed after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the first set of leaked photos suggest that a classic race of villains are making a comeback next year.

Whovians are currently excited for the upcoming Holiday Special episode, “Revolution of the Daleks,” which will also feature the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. But beyond the next incursion of The Doctor’s oldest enemy and the involvement of the Judoon in it all, season 13 will supposedly tackle the Timeless Child revelation once again, or maybe even reveal the Uncoming Storm’s real homeworld or parents.

Of course, the ongoing pandemic has made things increasingly difficult for production crews all around the world, and the BBC’s Doctor Who is no exception. Lately, we’ve heard that the next run will consist of fewer episodes due to filming restrictions, but that apparently hasn’t affected Chris Chibnall’s ambitions for the future of the series.

Indeed, based on newly leaked photos from the show’s set, which you can see for yourself below, the next batch of episodes will include one of The Doctor’s ancient foes, the Sontarans. What’s more, they’ll be sporting a costume that looks just like their classic appearance in older outings.

It appears that a platoon of Sontaran warriors is on the march in a city on Earth, so this could be another one of their attempts at conquest. If anything, though, history has proven that they’re utterly incompetent when it comes to full-scale invasions, so Jodie Whittaker’s 13th will have no difficulty humiliating the Empire yet again.

Are you excited about the return of the Sontaran in Doctor Who, though? And what other classic villains would you like to see in future episodes? Sound off below.