Doctor Who Showrunner Teases Classic Monsters For Season 12


Though Doctor Who season 11 was praised for its pioneering spirit and female lead (read: Jodie Whittaker), there were certainly a number of issues that longtime fans had with the latest run of the sci-fi show.

Perhaps the biggest was the lack of any classic monsters – like the Daleks and Cybermen. Their absence was disappointing for Doctor Who purists who consider them to be very much part of the show’s DNA, but given that showrunner Chris Chibnall was trying to usher in a whole new era, it’s not too surprising that the creative team wanted to introduce fresh threats for the Time Lord and her companions to face.

But with season 11 now behind us, it looks as if things are going to change when it comes to the ‘no classic monsters’ rule. For one, the Daleks are widely expected to show up in the upcoming New Year’s special and now, Chibnall has teased that more familiar foes might make an appearance in 2020.

During a recent Q&A session, the showrunner spoke about season 12 and what fans can expect. In particular, he was asked by someone whether we might see any of the classic monsters and though he wouldn’t confirm it outright, he did tease that it’s certainly possible, saying:

“Well, maybe we’ll do some [classic monsters], then,” the writer said playfully. “I’ll have a think.”

Again, that’s hardly a firm confirmation that we’ll be reacquainted with the likes of the Cybermen and Weeping Angels when Doctor Who returns for season 12 in 2020, but after the backlash the show saw this year due to their exclusion, it seems likely that Chibnall and his team will be doing away with that rule for the next run. And frankly, we think that’s the right decision.