Doctor Who’s Tennant And Smith Are Down To Return For An Episode

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Jodie Whittaker is currently leading Doctor Who as the thirteenth incarnation of the titular character, but will we ever get to see the old Doctors come together in their roles during Chibnall’s tenure, as is the tradition in the continuity of the series?

Different Doctors coming together isn’t exactly a surprising or unprecedented phenomenon for the sci-fi show. In the past couple of years alone, we’ve seen Tenth and Eleventh unite in the 50th Anniversary special episode “The Day of the Doctor,” not to mention that Capaldi’s Twelfth and David Bradley’s First ran into each other in Steven Moffat’s last episode, “Twice Upon a Time.” But Jodie’s Thirteenth has yet to encounter any of her former selves, that is, barring Jo Martin’s secret Doctor that was essentially a result of the Timeless Child twist at the end of season 12.

But will Matt Smith and David Tennant, who played 11th and 12th respectively, ever come together again alongside Whittaker? Well, that’d certainly be a dream come true for Whovians, but it takes a special force or set of circumstances to bring three Doctors together. Though it appears that the actors are down to return.

When asked if there’s a chance of them reuniting at one point in a recent interview, here’s what they had to say.

Smith: “I mean, you’d better ask the Doctor. I don’t know. Jodie?”

Whittaker: “You’re not invited. [Laughs] I mean, when we all get back on set, I’m inviting everyone!”

Tennant: “Listen, I had such a great time when I went back to play the Doctor again when Matt was there. It could have been awful! But he was so welcoming and we just had a laugh. And, obviously, I know how difficult Jodie is to work with already, so that would be challenging.”

Whittaker: [Laughs]

Tennant: “It’s not really up to us to decide. But we all like hanging out together, so it would be nice to do that.”

The Tenth Doctor, of course, is referring to his time working alongside Jodie Whittaker in Chibnall’s Broadchurch. Seeing as how all of these people have worked together before, one way or another, a reunion seems inevitable, especially if the showrunner gets too ambitious in later seasons of Doctor Who and decides to bring the children of time together again.

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