Watch: David Tennant, Matt Smith And Jodie Whittaker Unite For Doctor Who Panel


Doctor Who fans got a surprise pick-me-up today in the form of a virtual union of not one, not two but three Doctors. To mark all of the modern series of the sci-fi institution being up on HBO Max, the streaming service’s YouTube channel shared a 20-minute interview with current TARDIS-owner Jodie Whittaker and two of her most beloved predecessors, David Tennant and Matt Smith. If you’ve got the time (Lord), you can watch the full thing in the player above.

If not, catch a brief minute-long teaser in the tweet below, as shared by the official Doctor Who Twitter account. In this clip, host Terri Schwartz asks the three Doctors a tough question – which companion who traveled with another Doctor would they have liked to have traveled with? Find out their answers in the video below:

Yes, Smith chose Rose Tyler, as he’s already close friends with Billie Piper (the pair also worked together on Who in 50th anniversary, “The Day of the Doctor”). Whittaker, meanwhile, pinched Smith’s companion Rory Williams, as she worked with Arthur Darvill on crime drama Broadchurch. Ever the diehard Whovian, Tennant revealed he wished he’d got the chance to work with classic series legend Nicholas Courtney, who played the Brigadier opposite multiple Doctors.

This panel comes less than a week since Tennant and Whittaker both appeared on The Late Late Show With James Cordenwhere they donned their Doctor Who costumes to judge Whovians’ homemade cosplays. All three Doctors, along with seven other actors who’ve played the Time Lord, also came together to film a video in support of the NHS earlier in the spring.

Hopefully one day, maybe for the 60th anniversary in 2023, we’ll see these three share the screen in Doctor Who itself. Until then, this is still a much-appreciated unexpected treat.