Steven Moffat Reaffirms Plans To Keep Bill Potts Alive At The End Of Doctor Who Christmas Special


Beyond the 2017 Christmas Special “Twice Upon a Time,” one that came awfully close to being scrapped altogether, the immediate future of Doctor Who lies with Jodie Whittaker, the Broadchurch actress who made history just last month after she was unveiled as the Thirteenth Doctor.

But just as every Doctor is in need of a kick-ass companion, during an extensive interview with Doctor Who Magazine (via CultBox) about his tenure aboard the BBC sci-fi series, showrunner Steven Moffat hinted at the possibility of Bill Potts having a role to play beyond this year’s much-touted festive episode.

Brought to life by Pearl Mackie, it’s worth noting that the actress has already ruled out an active role in Doctor Who season 11, and Moffat’s comments are more to do with his desire to bring a sense of closure to not only Peter Capaldi’s arc, but also his supporting players before the year’s end. Tradition dictates that “Twice Upon a Time” will be with us on Christmas Day and here, Steven Moffat, who is poised to follow Capaldi out the exit door in December, touched on the somewhat contentious topic of bumping off companions.

It’s wrong! I’m not even that crazy about it when they did it with Adric [back in the classic era]. I don’t think that’s the story. I’m sorry, it’s a children’s programme. And explicitly, the companions are like Doctor Who’s children. Or his grandchildren. They’re in his care, and lovely old Doctor Who is opening the TARDIS doors and saying, ‘I will always look after you.’ Get it right – that’s the story.

When Bill Potts was brought up in conversation, Moffat reaffirmed his plans to write Pearl Mackie’s companion out of the story, rather than kill her off entirely. Technically speaking, that means the actress could well return to the TARDIS through a future instalment of Doctor Who – assuming the stars align, of course.

I actually tried to find ways to give everybody closure, but simultaneously park them somewhere. You want something that feels like an end. That’s right and proper. Love triumphs over all. As it always must, whatever any fool says. But there’s enough in there that if anyone wanted to pick her up again and use her again, then it can be done.

Also starring Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Game of Thrones) and Harry Potter star David Bradley as the original Time Lord, “Twice Upon a Time” will be with us on December 25th. Looking further afield, the eleventh season of Doctor Who, one headed up by incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall, has been tentatively slated for a premiere in late 2018.