Doctor Who Christmas Special Gets Its First Trailer


The Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con today saw the debut of our first look at this year’s highly-anticipated Christmas special, which has since arrived online.

Titled “Twice Upon A Time,” reflecting the fact that it will feature two Doctors, the special will team Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor up with the First Doctor – the original, you might say – as played by Harry Potter star David Bradley. As revealed earlier, the episode also features Mark Gatiss. Not only that, but during the panel we learned that Pearl Mackie will be back as well, ensuring that the whole gang is there to see Capaldi off for his final episode. 

As for the new trailer, it opens on a clip of original First Doctor William Hartnell, taken from his final ever story in 1966’s “The Tenth Planet.” It then cleverly segues into Bradley recreating the scene and, excitingly, we get a glimpse of Doctor Numero Uno starting to regenerate.

Next, we see the two Doctors come together, as Capaldi’s incarnation decrees that “something is very wrong with time.” We then meet Mark Gatiss’ character, who from the looks of it, is an old British soldier, likely from World War II.

Peter Capaldi has teased in the past that Gatiss would be playing someone “resonant” to the whole Doctor Who story, so it seems there will be more to his character than meets the eye. Finally, the trailer gives us a happy reunion between Bill Potts and the titular hero. No, we’re not crying, you are!

Doctor Who returns this Christmas, at which point Jodie Whittaker will make her debut as the show’s first female Doctor.

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