New Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer Teases Peter Capaldi’s Regeneration


The second trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, titled “Twice Upon a Time,” has now arrived and it teases the big moment we all know to expect, when Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerates.

Despite only clocking it at 40 seconds, the preview packs in a lot of footage for fans to dissect. As a reminder of the episode’s premise, it begins with a recap of the end of the season 10 finale, in which the Twelfth Doctor accidentally encountered his first incarnation (as played by David Bradley).

We then get a taste of the two Doctors’ banter, as the First Doctor looks on aghast when his future self dons his sonic sunglasses “indoors.” Bradley has previously revealed that his version of the Time Lord will be taken aback by how much he’s changed in the future, causing the two incarnations to have a clash of personalities.

“Twice Upon a Time” will also see the return of Pearl Mackie’s companion Bill Potts for one last time. One emotionally-charged clip here sees Bill and the Doctor saying goodbye in front of the TARDIS, as the Time Lord looks to go off and do something heroic and dangerous. “Come back alive,” she tells him. Sadly for Ms. Potts, it seems the Doctor has a date with destiny.

And finally, we get a hint at the Twelfth Doctor’s last showdown, as he faces weird figures made of glass and travels to a war-torn alien city. “I will stop you! I will stop all of you!” he cries. Cue the biggest talking point of the trailer: a brief flash of the Doctor’s regeneration. From the looks of things, it appears to be another explosive one that could take the TARDIS console room with it.

Be sure to catch Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time” when it lands on BBC One/America this Christmas Day.