Doctor Who’s John Barrowman Still Hoping For A Captain Jack Return


You’ve heard of Captain Jack Sparrow – but what about Jack Harkness?

He’s the lesser known Captain of the two, for sure, but in Doctor Who circles, John Barrowman’s roguish hero is still very much a fan-favorite.

Case in point: while appearing on Good Morning Britain (h/t Screen Rant), Barrowman once again addressed rumors of him potentially returning to the realm of Daleks and Cybermen – granted, Doctor Who series 11 has ditched those stalwarts entirely for a quip-happy (female) Time Lord who has already galvanized the entire fanbase – and it turns out he wouldn’t think twice about signing along the dotted line, given the opportunity.

Listen if they asked me, I’d go back at the drop of the hat, and I’ve always said that from the day I moved on from Torchwood and Doctor Who to other things. If they asked me, definitely – Captain Jack Harkness changed my life, Doctor Who changed my life. It led to so many other things, and I would love to play Jack again at some point.

Ever since “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” graced the airwaves, Barrowman has been pretty outspoken about all things Doctor Who, even criticizing newfangled showrunner Chris Chibnall for overlooking the classic theme song.

Then again, this is a new era, and there’s a certain element of fresh spontaneity that comes with uncharted territory. For Doctor Who season 11, that’s resulted in some clever twists to the tried-and-tested formula, and based on our episode reviews thus far, you can’t exactly fault the BBC’s direction when it comes to Jodie Whittaker’s fresh-faced explorer.

The fourth episode of Doctor Who season 11, titled “Arachnids in the UK,” beams down onto the BBC this Sunday, October 28th.

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