Peter Capaldi Says He Felt The Pressure Of Playing Doctor Who


Even now, almost five months since he bid farewell to the hit BBC series, former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi is under no illusion about the pressures he faced while playing the world-famous Time Lord.

Over on The Courier Times (h/t Screen Rant), Capaldi spoke candidly about life after Who, along with his unforgettable experience wielding the Sonic Screwdriver. It’s one he has since passed on to Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor who’s about to take charge for Doctor Who season 11 and, in doing so, write her name in the history books as the first female Doctor.

Capaldi, like many others, hailed the casting of Whittaker as a progressive step in the right direction, as the decision to elect a female protagonist will undoubtedly bring some fresh energy to a show that was beginning to show its age. And here, the Scottish actor reflects on the trials and tribulations associated with such a prominent TV role.

Doctor Who is a great show and experience but to be at the center of that brand is a lot of work. There’s a lot more than just acting. It was hard to maintain that level of commitment with that schedule any longer. I tried my best to make the doctor come alive.

Peter Capaldi was then quizzed about life after Doctor Who, and what it’s like to take some time off after four full years of saving the galaxy from alien threats.

I stopped being anything. After four years it was a great opportunity to just say I’m going to rest. I’m going to stop working, I’m playing guitar and going out for breakfast. I feel slightly guilty to say I’m enjoying it but I am.

And you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. Meanwhile, season 11 of Doctor Who will steer the hit BBC series into uncharted territory when it airs this October.