Is Doctor Who Season 11 Keeping Its Villains Alive For A Reason?


Fans have begun to notice a trend about Doctor Who season 11. We’re currently four episodes in and, in a change from the usual formula, every main villain has managed to survive. Sure, the Doctor and company have put a stop to their evil schemes and always save the day, but all of the antagonists have gotten out of there with their tail between their legs but nonetheless still breathing.

Let’s see who we’re talking about. Episode 1 had T’Zim-Sha of the Shenza teleport back to his home planet after failing to capture poor Sean for sport. Episode 2‘s Ilin was the organizer of the heartless Race of the Twelve Galaxies and lived to hold more in the future. Krasko from episode 3 was a mass-murdering racist who Ryan marooned in prehistoric times but could still return and episode 4 introduced Trump stand-in Jack Robertson, who was left very much still in power despite the Doctor uncovering his illegal waste management scheme.

So, why is Doctor Who keeping all its villains alive this year? Well, it could be an outcome of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor being a pacifist and so she always finds a non-lethal way to deal with the situation. Obviously, the character’s often been this way, but Doctors Ten through Twelve were all ready to kill their enemies if it was for the greater good. So far, Thirteen’s managed to avoid that situation, so we don’t know how she’d react.

Alternatively, does showrunner Chris Chibnall have a bigger plan at work here and could he be planning on bringing at least a couple of these foes back? For my money, those with the most potential to mine are T’Zim-Sha and Robertson. The Stenza could easily be a major new threat facing the galaxy while the show could also get more mileage from pastiching Trump through Robertson.

What do you think, though, will any of these villains come back in Doctor Who season 11 or beyond? And would you want them to? Have you say in the comments section down below.

Source: ScreenRant