New Doctor Who Photo Teases The Thirteenth Doctor’s Return

Doctor Who

We’ve been starved for Doctor Who in 2019 so far. With the new production schedule meaning we’re getting a fresh season every other year, the last episode was all the way back on New Year’s Day. With filming finally drawing to a close on season 12, though, it’s looking like some kind of teaser trailer could be on its way soon. At least, that’s going by this new promo pic which hints at the return of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

Doctor Who‘s official social media accounts shared an intriguing image yesterday as the stylish pic captures the Time Lord’s silhouette as she stands in the doorway of her TARDIS. The implication is that she’ll be stepping outside the time machine and giving us a new look at her latest adventures shortly. Going by the tagline “watch this space,” we should all be keeping an eye on these accounts for some sort of announcement or trailer.

See for yourself below:

We don’t know too much about what’s in store for us just yet, but recent set photos have revealed that one of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies will be back again for the twelfth season. Spoilers: it’s the Daleks!

One of the metal meanies was just in the recent winter special, but next time around there’ll be a whole horde of them, based on what was seen from shooting. Rhino-headed Judoon are also returning, with the Cybermen thought to be back, too. So, it looks like season 12 will reintroduce a lot of familiar foes in contrast to the controversial decision not to feature any in season 11.

In 2018, the first trailer for season 11 dropped at July’s SDCC, three months before the run began in October. If the first season 12 trailer is coming soon, then, does this mean we can expect the series to return in three months’ time – so January? That fits with the belief that it’ll arrive in “early 2020,” but remember, there’s also rumors of an additional special, as well.

In any case, as the pic says, watch this space for further Doctor Who season 12 news.