Doctor Who Season 12 Has Already Begun Pre-Production


Recently, rumors got fans worrying for the future, as it was reported that Doctor Who season 12 might not arrive on our screens until 2020. The story came from tabloid sources, so we should’ve taken it with a pinch of salt, and now it seems that claim has been well and truly refuted as someone close to the show has confirmed that work on the next season of the sci-fi series has already begun.

Costume designer Ray Holman updated his online CV recently to mention the fact that season 12 is currently in pre-production. He also took to Twitter to say that many of the TV shows on which he works are due to shoot a new season in 2019, and listed among them was Jodie Whittaker’s second run as the Thirteenth Doctor.

This supports some digging done into the situation by Radio Times. In contrast to The Mirror’s claims that season 12 will be hit by a delay that would prevent production from going ahead until January, RT’s own sources said that filming will begin as early as this November. As for whether it’s still on schedule to air next fall like season 11, RT’s source relayed that it’s too early to say and the decision will be made closer to the time.

If all the evidence is correct though – and, as some of it comes from an important crew member, it surely is – it seems like season 12 is on course to arrive in late 2019. After all, the fall slot for season 11 has proven to be the perfect place for the show, as the UK ratings for each episode have been stellar. Overall, the average viewing figures are higher than any of the modern seasons before now, so you can bet that the BBC will try and meet the same timeframe next year.

We’ll keep you updated as and when more on Doctor Who season 12’s production comes in, but in the meantime, be sure to catch the rest of season 11 on BBC America every Sunday.