Doctor Who Season 13 Premiere Will Be A Halloween Special

Doctor Who

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Doctor Who season 13 would premiere on October 31st, and now it looks like that was always the plan. This latest run of the sci-fi institution is unique as it’ll comprise one multipart story, with the six-episode season subtitled Flux. Each adventure will still have its own title, though, and the name of the opener has now been revealed. And it tells us we’re in for a bona fide Doctor Who Halloween special.

The show’s official Twitter has unveiled the episode card for season 13, episode 1, AKA Flux Chapter One, which we can now say is called “The Halloween Apocalypse”.

So it looks like we can expect the Thirteenth Doctor’s final season to kick off with a trip to Earth – we’re guessing England – on Halloween night. What’s more, the scale will immediately be world-threatening, as the Time Lord will have to avert some kind of apocalypse situation. Which is pretty much just a regular day’s work for the time traveler.

So what else do we know about this episode? Well, it’s set to introduce the Doctor’s latest companion, Dan Lewis (John Bishop), following the exit of her two old friends, Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Ryan (Tosin Cole), in January’s New Year special. We also know the Weeping Angels will return somewhere in Flux. And given their status as Who‘s scariest monsters ever, they would be a good choice to be the villains of this Halloween-themed opener.

The recent trailer promised that there will be more monsters than episodes this season, with the Angels joined by Cybermen, Ood, redesigned Sontarans, as well as a few new races, too, including a Chewbacca-like canine alien. Elsewhere, Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson is joining the series in a key recurring role as a character called Vinder.

Co-starring Mandip Gill as Yaz, Doctor Who: Flux launches in 10 days’ time on October 31st. Remember, this is Whittaker’s last season prior to her exit from the TARDIS next year, after three additional specials spread across 2022.