Former Doctor Who Showrunner Says He’s Heard Season 11 Is Brilliant


He might not be an active part of Doctor Who‘s production anymore, but former showrunner Russell T. Davies still has friends who work on the sci-fi institution. And through them, he’s heard some good things about Jodie Whittaker’s new era in the TARDIS.

Davies – who helmed the show from 2005 to 2010, overseeing both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s tenures – was speaking on UK chat show The One Show to plug his new drama A Very English Scandal starring Hugh Grant (who he once asked to play the Doctor). Obviously, the conversation eventually turned towards Doctor Who and Davies teased that there’s a “real buzz” about the upcoming season 11 in Cardiff, Wales, the series’ home since its 21st century comeback.

“Down in Cardiff there’s a real buzz about it. People I know working on the show keep saying, ‘It’s brilliant, it’s brilliant, it’s brilliant.’”

Davies has frequently been a vocal supporter of the decision to cast Whittaker in the title role. His thoughts on the matter came up again on The One Show as well and he had a particularly great way of explaining why everyone should get behind the idea of a female Doctor.

“Science fiction is interested in the future. This is the future: get left behind or join in, that’s what I say.”

Whittaker herself is currently knee-deep in filming on the new run, but recently took a break to attend Sunday’s BAFTA TV Awards where she gushed about how exciting it is to come into work everyday and get to play a time-travelling hero. “I must smile every morning,” she said of the experience.

Doctor Who season 11 will also see the debut of new showrunner Chris Chibnall, who first wrote for the series under Davies, and is expected to arrive on the BBC this October.