Jodie Whittaker Says She Smiles Every Morning Going To Work On Doctor Who


We might have several more months to wait until we get to see the new, eleventh season of Doctor Who on our screens, but someone’s who already enjoying it is the Thirteenth Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker. Filming on the 10 episode run has been underway since October 2017, though it seems the tough schedule has not affected the actress’ enthusiasm for her new role as the show’s first ever female lead.

Whittaker spoke to the BBC on the red carpet of the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday and talked about how excited she is to be starring in Doctor Who. 

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, it’s absolutely incredible. I must smile every single morning knowing I’m going to work to do it, I’m very lucky – it’s brilliant.”

Is that a deliberate quote from the Thirteenth Doctor’s already iconic first scene, where she said “Oh, brilliant” after she’d regenerated into a woman? We’re thinking it is.

The interviewer then added that they’d spoken to her Doctor Who co-star Bradley Walsh – who’s set to be play one of Thirteen’s companions, Graham – earlier on and he’d teased that season 11 would be “cinematic” in its scope and quality. He asked if Whittaker would agree with this, which she did, telling him the following:

“It feels incredibly epic. The ambition is wonderful, and something we’re fighting every day to have the energy to back it up with.”

Doctor Who season 11 is set to materialize on the BBC sometime in October and we hopeful that Jodie Whittaker’s enthusiasm for her role will shine through, giving us one of the best runs of the show yet.